I make Films and Websites.

Hello! My name is Stefan Reinprecht and I'm an interdisciplinary designer from Graz, Austria. If you're interested in my work, make sure to read the Case Studies. I recently started to write down some important aspects of my work, you cand find them on my blog. If you want to know more about me click here.

Case Studies

Recent Work

A fresh take on fashion branding

During 3rd semester of studying Informationdesign at FH Joanneum we had to develop a brand based on a competing brand in the same market. In our case it was the fashion label American Apparel. To set our brand apart we had to find a USP and build a business model around that.

Building a full-featured WordPress-Site

The website for the creative coworking-space sechserhaus was the main project while working with the awesome team at wundertüte. Sechserhaus is located in the heart of Graz and offers various services for working in a creative environment. The project was commissioned by Heimo Lercher, the founder of sechserhaus.

Logo and Website for a unique and playful Design Agency

At FH Joanneum one of the main objectives during the 4th semester is to found a “virtual“ Design-Agency. To do so we gathered up in small groups and began thinking about the rough direction in which we wanted to head.

Developing a retina-ready Website

In the past I’ve developed a few websites for Studio Bruch, a design studio from Graz focused on Branding, Editorial- and Package- Design. It’s always been a pleasure to work with them so it was an easy decision when they asked me to help them out on this particular project.

Logo and stationary for a photography collective

Photography plays a big part in my life. Be it analog or digital. There is something about capturing the essence of a moment that really struck me. When long time friend and photographer Alexander Rauch said he wanted to work on new a project with me, I was instantly hooked. Together with Simon Möstl he wanted to offer a location-based photography service and they needed some help with their Corporate Identity.

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